A Whole New Year…

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Welcome to the next chapter in your life. Having spent the last afternoon of 2013 with a brand new neon yellow notebook and a bright pink fine nibbed pen contemplating what the last 12 months have brought in and what my hopes are for the next 12, I considered the avalanche of platitudes and wise words offered up through face book at this time of year. Within the sea of go forth and conquer, strive for your dreams and go boldly where your heart desires, I settled on the concept of blowing up the narrow parameters of what we think is possible for ourselves… After all, as Audrey Hepburn so wisely pointed out, nothing is impossible, even the word itself says “I’m possible”.
As I prepare myself to delve into unknown waters, I will strive to retain my Scottish va va voom in Hollywood and in case things get a little heavy will reach for a spot of professional help in these dark January days in the form of a boxed red nose. May all your 2014 days delight and amuse you and whenever you come across a serious bump in the road, reach for nose.

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