Feathers and Toast being Picked Up

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Each week whoever wins the Monday Mystery Mime by correctly guessing what I am miming chooses what I mime next. This weeks winner was the incredibly talented writer/director Deva Palmier She wanted me to mime my reaction to my show Feathers and Toast being picked up to series. Brilliant suggestion and hope that it is a harbinger of whats to come darling…

Monday Mystery Mime

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It’s a proven fact that by solving a mime one lives much longer (at least another 7 years or so darling) So spend 30 secs or so and give this one a whirl. It’s akin to managing a tricky Sudoku.



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Perhaps the best thing about living in Los Angeles is having the opportunity to cross paths with so many extremely talented artists. I met David of StyleMD when trying to find parking in the mountains for an event. As I sweated in my Prius driving past full lot after lot I drove through a tunnel and he was simply standing by the roadside. Cut to a few months later we find ourselves in a Hollywood 1920s cottage surrounded by pink feathered fans and a stack of incredible hand made hats. Since creating Feathers and Toast now almost 4 years ago I have been extremely lucky to have had the chance to work with people who are extremely talented and dedicated to creating the best possible phenomenally attentioned to detail out of this world work. For one of the headpieces in the shoot Shurie used the feathers of 3 different types of white bird for the piece. Darling. One could have almost flown clear out of the Hollywood window with grace like a dove if it wasn’t for the beautiful clothes and jewelry planting me feet firmly on terra hollywood firma. For more photos and full credits check out Tallulah Goes to Hollywood.


How to be single at a wedding

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During the impending wedding season darling, there are a few points worth noting if you find yourself solo en ce moment. To watch the video please click

Plastic Melting

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Turns out having stereo too close to a heater darling can cause this sort of thing to happen. No matter how chilly you maybe this month disco dancing as your stereo melts is never a good idea.