Bull Riding

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An ode to all those people who find themselves riding a bull or other such life challenges. May your grip be tight and your landing graceful and bird like, darling.

Thank you

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So grateful for the support that I have received for my campaign to raise the funds to make a music video for the song Don’t Silence Me written by my friend Sadie Jemmett For my story and for what we are looking to achieve with the video please click here

Monday Mystery Mime (88) One Mime at a Time

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Guess what I am miming and win a mime of your choosing dedicated to you. Leave your answer in the comments below. Good luck darling.

The Happy Chorister

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Dedicated to all singing mimes the world over. Of which there are millions.


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For Ranata Suzuki, a recent mystery mime winner. An ode to all hopeful dogs the world over.