How to Feel Grounded

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3 years ago I worked out how many days I would have left to live if I lived to be 100 years old. I had 19,900 days left, so I bought that number of beads, placed them in a jar and each morning I take out a bead, give the day an intention and drop the bead into another jar…

How to Listen to your heart

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…Just incase its been trying to tell you something for ages. One needs to quieten down and listen carefully.

Tallulah Bankhead and Me

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Darling. Brace yourself. This mystery is as of yet unsolved. Watch and let me know what you think…

Handkerchief Floating Over Paris

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Just incase you’ve ever wondered what the journey of a handkerchief gently floating through the skies above Paris looked like darling, wonder no more…


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Very excited to have just joined Ellen’s #OneMillionActsOfGood campaign darling. Hope you have a moment to check it out and think about joining too. Let’s bring a spot of sunshine to the dark menacing clouds above us and such.