Happy Weekend Darling…

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…I have decided that it is worth seriously celebrating every single day rather than simply banging on with the daily drudgery and waiting for the next national declared holiday to arrive. I firmly believe that one should live ones life in a considered fashion as if this really was your last 24 hours on earth. Darling if your hours were numbered then it is important to smile at the everyman who crosses your path and remember that sprig of basil on your spaghetti. One should do whatever one can to stave off complacency; including as much va va voom and as many springs in your steps as you can muster. After all this is not a mere dress rehearsal darling the show must go on. One should seize the day and whatnot.


(just thought I’d include a pale pink feather at this point darling because at the end of the day it is beautiful and one should always have at least one beautiful thing to look at while reading)

So whether or not you are still deep in BBQ mode and whether or not the Stars and Stripes are billowing, seize today darling and have yourself a merry little celebration.

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