“Hollywood is starting to resemble its early days again when auteurs such as Charlie Chaplin breezed into town and discovered opportunities in the then new medium of film, now of course the format is digital”

Young creator-makers such as Morrison are already developing ideas and content to pitch in the new digital market, where the primary screens are not at a multiplex or in a TV box, but on tablets and smartphones.

Morrison says she is working on a comedy web series, which is “an alternative cookery show complete with a feather boa and a cup of soup,” that is already attracting interest from studios.

Smart Movie Making

Praise for Feathers and Toast

“By herself, Morrison’s brand of comedy is a tour de force, but when given the chance to play off other actors the performative spects of her comedy becomes impressively reactionary and Morrison’s humor thrives. Because when a woman like Tallulah Grace is asked to share her show with a fan, a fellow mime, a French showgirl and even a cat. we can expect the reaction to be as congenil as Edwina and Patsy (Absolutely Fabulous) facing an alcohol shortage” Starry Mag

“Mme. Nutty who massacres all her ingredients” Web Series Mag

“It’s all Feathers and Toast with the lovely Tallulah Grace, heartbroken Scottish mime turned web cooking show host, now back with season two, olive branch and spatula in hand, ready to bring hope to (single) ladies with a penchant for dramedy in the kitchen and EVERYWHERE ELSE” Gia on the Move

“…the cinematography and soundtrack give a vintage feel, almost like a 1950s era TV show, which set it apart from other comedy shows. One part Lucille Ball, a pinch of AbFab and of course a soupcon of Julia Child is the recipe for a fun and brilliant series” Webvee Guide

“Tallulah is delightful, charming and can rock a pair of classic white gloves while cooking” WebseriesToday

“Watching “Feathers and Toast” a cooking show for the modern woman (or man, no gender bias implied) is like learning to cook from Lucy Carmichael” WebseriesToday

“A screwball comedy in the style of Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett…” The Daily Dot

“I love the idea of making something different and there is definitely more than enough here for me to sign off on a pilot sitcom were I a man of any power and influence what-so-ever.” Snobby Robot

“The gags, the grimaces, the expressions, the play…these are all indispensable of course in all comedy. But the best actress in a comedy webseries comes with her whole universe and lots of talent deriving from a solid classical training. Best actress in a comedy webseries, Mhairi Morrison” Web Series Mag

“With a wide appeal the charm of the character seeps through and the endless repartee with the rest of the crew, wonderfully breaking the fourth wall adds an underused dimension to the show, especially on the web” Grit Journo

“Headlining the show was actress Mhairi Morrison appearing as her ever-in-a-fuss character who hilariously and quite decadently clowned up what would have otherwise been unfortunate moments of trevas in between each number” Gia on the Move

“Watching Tallulah is not just entertaining, but good for the soul…It’s been a longtime since anything has impressed me enough to actually write a review unprompted, but Feathers and Toast has inspired me, and I hope she inspires you too.” Newsnibbles

Artist’s Profile interview series by Behind the Rabbit Production company. Please click HERE for video.

Video and podcast interview with Michael Bott. To watch/listen click HERE

Podcast interview on Her Process with Jo Bozarth. To listen to the interview please click HERE 

Praise for Audiobook Narration:

“Morrison varies her characterizations and uses accents sharp and hard, bristly and brusque, suiting the characters well. While all the characters are said to speak most often in Scottish and Scots Gaelic, the dialogue is always in recognizably accented English. Morrison’s fluid performance draws the listener into this colorful romance. M.B.K. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award” Please click HERE for full review


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