At the beginning of her career, in Paris, Mhairi was sexually assaulted by an award winning French film director. Upon hearing her story, her dear friend singer/songwriter Sadie Jemmett wrote the song Don’t Silence Me for her. Mhairi stars in and produced the music video for the song. Over 40 women, many of them survivors of sexual assault, appear in the video along with her. Including high profile survivors, Lili Bernard, Louise Godbold, Chantal Cousineau and Sarah Ann Masse. She premiered in Los Angeles and went onto host screenings and panel discussions in Los Angeles, Paris, London and Glasgow. The video has been viewed over 132,000 times and been shared over 1000 times. 


Los Angeles, screening and panel discussion

Paris, screening and panel discussion

Behind the Scenes, downtown Los Angeles

Don’t Silence Me (Music Video)

Mhairi was interviewed on CBS along with Lili Bernard who also appears in the video.

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