A day in a Bathtub

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I used to love watching a show called Through the KeyHole in which an audience would guess who lived in a particular house judging by what items were in the home. I often think that if someone didn’t know me and wandered around my house would they be able to ascertain who I am?  After years of living an extremely transitory existence throughout which all I really owned was my Guatemalan quilt, that had been carried on my back for 2000 miles through a civil war in my teenage years, I have come to appreciate the home delights of wallpaper, bath tubs and the occasional glass of champagne in one.

Yesterday then when we shot the poster for Feathers and Toast in a beautiful bathtub in a beautifully renovated home complete with vintage 1908 features throughout, it was as if we were creating an image which could single handedly represent my life.

I lay back in a luke warm tub filled with bubble bath, washing up liquid and milk, wearing my hat, vintage gloves and holding a glass of champagne, wrangling bubbles nearer to me all the while channeling Tallulah and trying not to lose focus as the mariachi band from outside overpowered our classical music melody. The thought crossed my mind that this did indeed sum up my life darling. A little bit of luxury muddled with quite a bit of madness. I’m extremely grateful to phenomenal photographer Katie Nolan for commandeering such a decadent Thursday morning extravaganza.


feathers and toast festival banner