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…when one discovers that ones doctors surgery is opposite Chanel, one can rest assured that one is most certainly not in Aberdeenshire any longer. With a general dread of all things medical, a certain amount of style in the local environment does in fact go a long way in calming ones frayed nerves. That and a lot of yogic breathing.


Gravity screening at Warner Bros on Monday eve was stupendously brilliant and if it wasn’t for the niggling impending fast at midnight in prep for Tuesdays doctors visit I would have languished even more in the presence of Sandra Bullock and Alfonso Cuaron. However, me and the Prius had to hotfoot it back over the canyons to west Hollywood before my cinderella curfew fell upon us. As much hummus on toast and ice cream was consumed pre the witching hour. Warner Bros on a Monday though is a beautiful sight to behold:


Last night was a supreme example of pride coming before a fall when I waxed lyrical about being refunded for parking tickets to a friend post restaurant only to return to the Prius to a big fat West Hollywood city council ticket jammed onto my windshield. Ahh! and on that note, may your parking tickets be few and far between and may your doctors visits be even  fewer and farther between and may all your sunsets over movie studios be glorious and bright and to all a very good Thursday night.