It started with organic sheets…

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…and suddenly I was spending a small fortune on towels and framing photographs. Including an 11 year old cartoon from a bridge in Prague which had been diligently carried from pillar to post before winding up framed and hung to be admired in its fullest glory.

Home decor darling was not what I normally spend my ready money on. I don’t know whether this was because my transitory life can be more easily accommodated with a footloose and fancy free and lack of belongings sort of existence or whether or not this is the tip of a deeper issue involving commitment and whatnot. But whatever the weather the upshot is that I am planting roots and even bought 2 small african violets to decorate my now clutter free desk. I’ve actually become so excited about my bulletin board that sleeping was an issue last night. I kept on re-imagining my postcard collection on my cork board. Imagine christmas morning it up to the nines over a rectangle of humble cork. Home decor is the new rock n roll. Fact.

Well darling, I don’t even get that excited for premiers nowadays. I realized recently that I was driving to Paramount for a premier a few weeks ago on a Thursday that I hadn’t washed my hair since Tuesday. Red carpets are so blase darling, now one doesn’t even need to wash properly to strut up and down one. Not that there was any photographic evidence of that particular appearance excepting my pink stilettos managing to make it into a promo video. But my ankles were washed darling, so I think I got away with it. Perhaps I am in fact single handedly bringing grunge into a new era.

Anyway what I wanted to say was that there is a lot to be said for framing things willy nilly around your house and I can thoroughly recommend it. I even found myself in K mart buying nails on a Saturday night, so obsessed I was to immediately hang framed self portraits in the living room. Thats how I roll darling, in the now and photos of me. I am now officially LA it seems.