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Tricky, being predominantly British to toot my own horn. But on the advice of a serious PR Queen here goes. I have had an amazing week which comes at a timely moment to be thankful, it being the week of Thanksgiving and all things turkey and pumpkin pie. Two incredible reviews and a nomination for Outstanding Actress in a comedy from LA Web Fest. These things mean so much as they come to me through my show Feathers and Toast which has been a serious labor of love with my best friend and co-producer. We created this show from a mere seed, an idea for a character in a kitchen and over almost 2 years of discussions, filming, conference visiting, book reading, writing, casting, producing and much feather buying we are here. Which is to say we are somewhere further along than where we were 6 months ago and we are still able to laugh when filming a digital christmas card in green and white sunglasses in front of a tree while making eggplant stew. And to be honest, that is the thing I am most thankful for; that Holly and I can still sit in front of a camera perched precariously on a stool and improvise in a myriad of feather boas, hats and snowman glasses and laugh our heads off.

mhairi and holly festival-1